Who We Are

Abrar Middle East is engaged in corporate projects as well as Government projects, but helped by our past experiences we have gained considerable expertise in constructing Warehouses. We always take care of Client’s budget without compromising on quality of the project. Our work ranges from anything and everything in the construction of Warehouses.

As warehouses become more and more sophisticated, they are being used as hubs for quality control and testing, technologically aided tracking, and repackaging. These extra activities increase the demand for energy. That is why our warehouse building methods include adapting the roof and façade materials along with building orientation to provide the products and people with a better indoor environment. We encourage the inclusion of energy-efficient lighting, skylight for the roofs to further drive down costs. Since we are one of the experienced Warehouse construction companies in Muscat, Oman, we know that a lot of warehouses have to endure sunny climates, and for their construction we recommend constructing spacious roofs that are perfect for solar installations, leading to further energy savings.

We know that different customers have their own specific needs for their warehouse space. Our design and build team is capable with enough experience to handle custom warehouse projects. This enables us to construct the perfect warehouse that is tailored according to their needs.

What We Do

A carefully designed infrastructure project that is modern while being sustainable is the key to welfare and economic development. At Abrar Middle East, we follow the all the ethics and best used construction practices followed by warehouse construction companies in Muscat, Oman.

We have a talented and capable team with all the required technical proficiency, knowledge and resources needed in order to design, construct and execute warehouse construction projects, ensuring sustainable working practices with exceptional quality and safety. We are proud of our company’s reputation for completing projects before their deadlines by maintaining complete integrity and transparency throughout the process.

The functional role that a warehouse will perform has to be understood in order to identify what needs to be included in the structure. For this reason, our warehouse construction strategies include the contractors talking with the clients and understanding their need before including them in the structure. When the client sees the plan, their response helps to further refine it. The client’s response is essential for incorporating their demands into the plan, and in that regard, our construction contractors respect all the client requirements and incorporate them into the construction accordingly.

How We Operate

Just like any project, even for a warehouse construction, communication is key. In the construction process of building a warehouse, the project coordinator has to think about the later steps even while the initial step is going on. At Abrar we have expert project managers and coordinators who have years of experience behind them handle all kinds of warehouse construction projects. Our work begins with the installation of drywall, followed by electricity, and HVAC installation and it concludes with the finishing of the trim work and paint, all overseen by our contractors.

Our building crews are experienced in sustainable construction techniques. We actively try and reuse as much existing space and materials as possible. When restoring old buildings, we take the utmost care that is necessary while modernizing the structure.

At Abrar, we ensure that your project coordinator thoroughly handles your project, right from its beginning to the end. Being a competent warehouse company in Muscat, Oman, we never juggle our clients from contractor to contractor. We make sure that all communication is crystal clear in order to make our clients feel like the valuable clients that they are.

What We care About

We fully understand the environmental, economic and social impact of construction activities and to that end, we take responsibility of conducting our business ethically and in a transparent manner while supporting our client servicing goals, active involvement in the community, sensitivity towards the environment, improving our financial strength and keeping our employees safe and healthy while ensuring their wellbeing. Our core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment guide us in all our construction activities and we expect mutual commitment from our clients in these endeavours.

Sustainable practices are changing and evolving continuously, and we recognize this. Abrar Middle East is one of the rare Warehouse construction companies in Muscat, Oman who lead by example when it comes to sustainable development and serve as ambassadors for sustainability in environment, society and the economy. As the one of leading Warehouse construction companies in Muscat,  Oman, we use our technical expertise to create a healthy and prosperous future for our clients, for the people, and most essentially, for the environment.

Why to Choose Us

Abrar Middle East offers you modular building solutions for constructing warehouses that provide you with the additional space and low-cost solutions to fit within your budget and schedule. We offer expertise and experience to your project, which is shown by our capable warehouse construction staff, along with competitive prices to make sure you get what you need without paying too much.

We are one of the most experienced warehouse construction companies in Muscat, Oman, and are capable of taking your warehouse project idea from the planning phase right to the finished building. Our experienced project managers are well-versed with the details of the construction process, helping them have greater control ensuring timely completion with huge cost savings.

Our proven construction techniques offer fast and cost-effective warehouse solutions, permanent while offering the same amenities as those at a conventional warehouse, with a design that allows countless choices when it comes to layouts and finishes.

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